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Weiler Welding began back in 1920 in a small garage on Valley Street in Dayton, Ohio. Due to steady growth, Herb Weiler Sr. moved his business in 1921 to North St. Clair Street. In 1922, Herb Sr., known as "Tubby", began selling welding supplies. Under his continued leadership and foresight, Mr. Weiler continued to grow. This was a reason for him to move in 1927 to 318 East Second Street. In 1933, Weiler had seven employees, including; Herb Sr. While growing the business, Mr. and Mrs. Weiler found time to grow a family. They had two sons, Charles and Herb Jr. In 1937, "Tubby" purchased the building on Turpin Lane and opened a welding fabrication shop.

Weiler Welding continued to grow. In 1942, Weiler Welding expanded and grew to 27 employees. During this expansion period, they moved next door to 324 E. Second Street, a former car wash. In 1945, while serving as President of Weiler Welding and raising his family, Mr Weiler found the time to be the co-founder of the National Welding Supply Association (NWSA). Weiler Welding incorporated on October 1, 1947. The company continued to grow and in December of 1951, Herb Jr. became an employee.

The years continued and Weiler Welding continued to grow. In 1965, the company built a 9,177 square foot shipping and receiving building and an electrode warehouse with oxygen and CO2 filling operations. In 1967, Mr. Weiler Sr. appointed his son Herb Jr. to General Manager and Vice President. In 1971, Weiler Welding purchased the Airco plant in Moraine, Ohio and now had the capability of filling high pressure nitrogen cylinders and liquid nitrogen. In 1974, Weiler grew to 47 employees and was in need of yet another expansion.

Weiler constructed an 8000 square foot state of the art Welding Distributorship to house the industrial sales and corporate offices. Mr. Weiler, still very active in the company as the President, enjoyed his 75th birthday in October of 1974. In 1977, to keep up with the growth of the company and modern technology, Weiler Welding purchased their first computer. Thus, beginning the real change from the old ways to the new. The passing of the baton of leadership from Mr. Weiler Sr. to Mr. Weiler Jr. occurred as Mr. Weiler Sr. celebrated the company's 60th anniversary and his 80th birthday.

In 1980, after extensive remodeling in Moraine, Weiler opened the first branch sales location and the welding shop moved to Moraine. On October 25, 1980, on his 81st birthday, the President and Founder of Weiler Welding passed away and Herbert G. Weiler, Jr. became the President in February of 1981.

In May of 1984, Janet Weiler began the Balloon Room, a division of Weiler Welding. In 1987 Weiler opened their second branch in Piqua, Ohio with Mr. Hobart and Herb Jr. cutting a chain for the grand opening. In 1990, after 53 years of operation, the welding fabrication shop was closed. In 1992 Weiler crossed over the Ohio, Indiana line opening the third branch in Richmond, Indiana.

Weiler Welding continued to grow and as a result, in 1993 the Moraine plant was completely remodeled and now houses all the cylinder filling operations, the delivery trucks and a centralized inventory distribution center for all branch locations. In 1994, the Balloon Room remodeled and expanded to meet the needs of their rapid growth. In February of 1994, the company expanded to Springfield, Ohio and in December of 1994 Weiler expanded into Cincinnati, Ohio.

Many other events have occurred over the past several years to contribute to the 90+ year history of Weiler Welding. A complete upgrade of computer and communication systems and remodeling of the corporate offices are two of the most notable. Preparation for the future is very evident in the history of the company. Future expansions and upgrades are inevitable. As time passes, Weiler Welding will continue to prepare, expand, and grow as it has demonstrated resolve to be prepared in the past.