B&B Collapsible V-Head Pipejack BB3900

B&B Collapsible V-Head Pipejack BB3900

SKU BB 3900
Weight 25.00 lbs
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    Weight 25.00 lbs
    SKU BB 3900
    B&B Pipe & Industrial Tools Collapsible Pipejack / Stand BB3900

    B&B Folding Pipe Jacks are backed with 17 years of manufacturing experience and all pipe jacks and pipe stands are rated with at least a 2:1 safety ratio that is 3rd party tested. With an increased dimension of our acme threads to 1½ inches and increased square tube legs to 1¼ inches, we've made B&B Pipe Jacks the strongest, most durable product on the market. B&B also offers more head options than any other manufacturer, because we feel pipe fabricators can never have too many options. We are confident B&B has an available head style for any pipe fabrication application.


    • 2,500 lbs standard V head capacity with higher load rating available.
    • Two Sizes, 32-48" Standard. 22-39" Low profile.
    • Third party tested with at least a 2:1 safety ratio.
    • Oversized 10 inch V head for increased safety.
    • Oversized square tube legs and braces for increased durability.
    • 1 1/2 inch acme rod is largest in industry.
    • Quick lock washer height adjustment for easy use.
    • More head options than any manufacturer.
    • Increased width in stance for better stability.
    • Safety washer can be locked onto the base for increased operator safety.
    • NEW bottom lock T-handle reduces fit up wobble!
    • Fully welded carry handle doubles as security lock point

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