What is BuildPro®

The BuildPro® table is designed to increase welding productivity through use of a fast, accurate, and easy to understand modular fixture system. The patented BuildPro® plate + slot + hole system allows users to place clamps and components at any point on the tabletop as required for each unique fixturing project.

BuildPro® is a fast, accurate, and easy to understand modular fixture system.

Why BuildPro®

Place a BuildPro® Table in your shop, and you will discover how universal fixturing will benefit your operation in greater productivity, improved work quality, and reduced project lead times in prototyping, short production runs, or dedicated volume production runs.


Bike Rack Fixture



BuildPro® has a place in every fabrication environment where precise layout and fast clamping setups help drive success; they have found their way into a variety of fabrication processes such as gluing, fastening, and assembly involving materials from wood to composites and laminates.



BuildPro® pairs well with 3D modeling programs using our free downloadable CAD library and is especially helpful for creating a hybrid modular + custom fixture solution.




A hybrid system saves storage space, fixture design time, and fixture production costs by enabling the user to create custom fixtures which index off the BuildPro® grid system and interface with its modular fixtures.



A hybrid modular-custom fixture solution takes the worry out of creating "dedicated" fixtures for short production runs where there are concerns about engineering changes, tooling expenses, or storage space.

Hybrid modular-custom fixture strategies let you focus on getting those critical dimensions right and the work delivered on time.


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