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Edwards Manufacturing has long enjoyed supporting the steel fabrication industry with a full
line of high quality, low maintenance and affordable ironworking machines. Long considered the
"Swiss Army Knife" of the industry, these do-all machines punch, shear, notch and brake mild
steel plate, bar-stock and angle. A wide range of accessories are available to fabricate rod, square
stock, sheet metal and pipe. Our innovative Hydraulic Accessory Pack turns your Ironworker into
a power source for our Shop Presses, Tube/Pipe Bender, Radius Roller and Horizontal Press.

With over 30,000 Edwards JAWS Ironworkers in service throughout the world, our reputation for
rock-solid, hard working machinery is unmatched. Now we've turned our attention to innovation
with Edwards ELITE Ironworkers. With all the best elements of our original Ironworker line, we
have improved upon them with robust construction, integrated value-added features, superior
performance and a fresh new look. Take a look at the Edwards ELITE Ironworkers and compare
them to any high-end Ironworker in the marketplace and you'll see where we lead the pack. True
to our history, our original JAWS and ELITE Ironworkers provide extraordinary performance and
incredible value for the dollar spent.


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Tooling Accessories

While all of our Ironworkers come with standard tooling, our extensive line of Tooling
Accessories enables you to customize your machine to perfectly fit your application. Choose
from our Punch Accessories to make the most of your Punch Station. Add one of our versatile
Notchers, Shears or Brakes to save time or maximize your machine's utility. Or take advantage
of our variety of general accessories to add precision and ease to your work including:

  • Punch/Die Starter Kit
  • Stripper Reducing Plate
  • Gauging Table Kit
  • Heavy Duty Gauging Table Kit
  • Pedestal Die Table
  • Overside Punch Assembly
  • 241 Punch Assembly
  • Urethane Stripper
  • Angle Notcher
  • Coper Notcher
  • Pipe Notcher
  • Turret Pipe Notcher
  • Multi-Shear
  • Rod Shear and Housing
  • Brake with Four Way Die
  • Press Brake Back Gauge
  • 48" Auto Cut
  • 48" Back Gauge
  • Fabricator's Protractor