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Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP


Weight 45.00 lbs
SKU HYP088112
Manufacturer Hypertherm
Market Price: $2270.00
Our Price: $1890.00


Duramax Lock consumables

Duramax® Lock torches utilize the same consumable platform as the Duramax torch series for the Powermax65/85/105 systems. Featuring handheld, mechanized, gouging, HyAccess™ extended consumables, CopperPlus™ long life electrodes, and FineCut® for thin metal cutting.

ShieldRetaining capNozzleElectrodeSwirl ring
ShieldRetaining capNozzleElectrodeSwirl Ring

Look for the red packaging for Duramax consumables
Look for the red package.

Electrodes, nozzles and shields are available in bulk quantities. See chart below for bulk kit ordering information.
A Powermax45 XP Essential consumable kit is available providing a convenient assortment of standard hand cutting consumables. See charts below for additional consumable options and ordering information.

Consumable typeTorch typeAmperageNozzleShield/DeflectorRetaining capElectrodeSwirl ring
Drag-cuttingHand45220941220818220854220842 or 2207774220857
MechanizedMachine45220941220817 or 2209551220854 or 2209532220842 or 2207774220857
FineCutHand45220930220931220854 or 2209532220842220947
Max control gouging3Hand/Machine26–45420419420480220854220842220857
Precision gougingHand/Machine10–25420415420414220854220842220857
MarkingHand/Machine10–25420415420542220854 or 2209532220842220857