Industrial Shape Cutting | TMX Pro

Industrial CNC Plasma Cutting TMX PRO

Precise CNC shape cutting from Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems

Torchmate introduces the TMX Pro CNC cutting table, featuring a tool mounting plate that supports up to four different tools, each capable of reaching the full area of the cutting table. This package comes standard with on-site training, installation, and lifetime technical support of the entire machine; no need for anything more than a single phone call. The table also supports metal sheets that range from 6' x 10' to 8' x 14', and can be equipped with high-density plasma systems up to 400 amps.

Lincoln Electric provides and supports all included software, hardware, power supply, motion control and oxy-fuel systems.

TMX Pro | Standard Features

  • BURNY® Phantom II™ CNC controller with ULTRASHARP® hole cutting technology
  • 15" touchscreen display with intuitive user interface
  • Built in multi-tasking; plan the next job while the machine operates from the same console
  • Remote diagnostic log in for real-time troubleshooting
  • CNC control of multiple plasma torches, oxy fuel, and marking tools
  • Fully welded steel frame and gantry manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Integrated water level control
  • 400W AC brushless servo motors
  • Designed to integrate with the Lincoln Electric® SPIRIT® II FINELINE® high definition plasma systems
  • Free lifetime phone and web technical support
  • Specifically tuned servo system and mechanical components ensure the best cuts in the industry

Torchmate X Pro Gantry Features

  • Tool carriage driven by a precision 40mm ball screw with preloaded anti-backlash nut
  • Dual enclosed 20mm profile rails with ball bearing cassettes
  • Tool plate mount for up to four tools with full reach of entire cutting bed
  • All precision components completely guarded from the cutting environment

Torchmate X Pro Table Features

  • Dual-driven gantry to ensure constant alignment and exceptional motion consistency
  • Planetary gear boxes with hardened helical pinions featuring pneumatic gear engagement for consistent gear contact over the length of the machine
  • Helical gear rack ensures a smooth motion profile and an increased load rating
  • Self-cleaning hardened v-groove rails with self-adjusting rollers for easy maintenance

Take control of your TMX Pro with a Burny CNC shape cutting controller

Burny CNC Shape Cutting Controllers features Burny® 8 Software which runs on a Windows® 8 Embedded Operating System (OS). The Burny 8 Software enables increased security, improved system performance and robust communication between a Burny CNC controller and a Spirit® II Plasma System. The operator interface is efficient, intuitive and user-friendly, which streamlines the operator's control of the cutting process.

We will design a machine for your specific requirements when you call our sales team at 800-526-9353 Monday- Friday, 7:30 am-5:00pm EST.