What's the difference between leasing a cylinder and renting a cylinder?


Weiler Welding CO. Inc. lease program consists of a 5 year lease on all gases. Prices vary on cylinder size. The advantage of our lease option is you pay the lease price upfront and you go the duration of your lease agreement rent free. The only additional cost from the initial lease forward is the cost of the product when you exchange the cylinder.


Weiler Welding CO. Inc. offers a daily rental program. A cylinder deposit is required and there is an additional rent charge daily on each cylinder. The only added cost to our rental program is the cost of the product when you exchange the cylinder. If a Weiler Welding CO. Inc credit application is filled out and approved, a deposit on each cylinder would not be required.

Which ever option you choose, the cylinder remains the property of Weiler Welding CO. INC.

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