Weiler Welding & PurityPlus

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PurityPlus®, Weiler Welding Specialty Gases offers a complete line of specialty gases manufactured and packaged to your specifications. We deliver through a network of North American PurityPlus® Quality Assured Laboratories.

National firms cannot compete with our responsive customer service. With local distributors across the country, our product is easily accessible and readily available. Our customers can be assured that whether they get their spec gas from us here in Dayton or someone out in San Francisco–they're getting the same high quality product.

Our catalog includes a complete line of:

  • pure gases
  • calibration gases
  • emission gases
  • rare gases
  • food and beverage gases
  • medical and medical device gases

We also provide high-performance gas handling equipment and skilled professionals to help you with the selection of the proper gas handling equipment for your specific requirement. They are also available to advise you on the safe handling of gases.

PurityPlus® Specialty Gases are available in various sizes of returnable high-pressure cylinders. Many of our specialty gases are also available in small, transportable nonreturnable cylinders.

Our gas handing equipment includes:

  • high purity single stage and dual stage pressure regulators
  • flowmeters, high accuracy mass flowmeters, gas purifiers, and filters
  • special application regulators
  • complete high purity gas handling and alarm systems including manifolds

Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians set us apart from the competition. Every PurityPlus® laboratory is staffed to insure your individual requirements are achieved, your service expectations are exceeded and your PurityPlus® products are delivered on time, every time, anywhere. After all, what good is a product if it's not available when you need it most?

All PurityPlus® facilities are certified by an independent, third-party source and are available to local distributors with the technical expertise you require. Certified purity and local availability, two good reasons why you can be confident in PurityPlus® for all of your important applications.

Come join the PurityPlus family and learn the true meaning of trust, reliability and service.