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System 28 & System 16

Siegmund is committed to producing the world's finest welding and fixture tables. They are taking proprietary material, machining, and hardening processes to the next level with a new standard in table hardness and toughness.

Our newest tables are welded from through hardened steel before undergoing a newly developed machining process that gives Siegmund tables their distinctive rounded edges and unsurpassed functionality.

Its signature aesthetics and hardness are imparted with a newly optimized hardening process which results in a deep, hard case that prolongs the life of the table surface and creates a glossy black shine.

The results are the world's hardest, most versatile welding tables that are suitable for every workspace and every job.

The unsurpassed technical excellence of Siegmund tables is complemented by a wide range of mounting options and improved fixture accessories with new features such as hardened finishes, numbered scales, and rounded edges.


Fixtures include:


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