CNC Education Packages - Bring CNC Cutting to the Classroom

Torchmate CNC Plasma Cutting

Torchmate is offering their affordable robotic metal cutting machinery to shop classes in schools across the country, giving teachers a real world manufacturing tool to teach CAD software and CNC operations to the next generation. Versatile, technologically advanced, and backed by the most comprehensive technical support in the industry, Torchmate CNC machines are the perfect fit for high school and community college vocational training classes.

The machine your students will use in the classroom is no different than the machine they will see in the real world. Our company is the industry leader in CNC plasma cutting technology, and has sold more machines than any other competitor on the market. Their investment in learning the technology in the classroom will likely save time in training with their employer after graduation.

While metal cutting is a Torchmate machine's most recognized feature, the machine can also be used for intricate wood-working, routing, vinyl sign making, and drilling. This means that the machine can be used in multiple classes and for a variety of tasks, making it one of the most useful technologies a school can buy.

Each machine has the most advanced technological features like, a touch-friendly user interface, integration with CAD and CAM software, Ethernet connectivity, and digital torch height control. The Torchmate machine allows students to grasp CAD and CAM design, as well as see the completion of their design into a final product. Machined parts on a Torchmate machine can be welded and finished — allowing students to get the full educational experience in hands-on manufacturing. Students are able to put multiple skills together using a Torchmate machine, allowing them to leave school not as an entry-level worker, but as a skilled CNC machine operator.

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Educational programs using the standard Torchmate software can now upgrade to the EDU package.

Give your students the full CAD/CAM experience! EDU software is now available and includes unlimited Student Lincenses and one Master Teaching License.

With EDU software you no longer need to purchase multiple dongles/drives for your students.

READY-PAK - A CNC Cutting Solution for Educators

Torchmate READY-PAK®:

The Torchmate READY-PAK is our most popular CNC product line in the education market. Its size, utility, and ease of use make it a perfect fit for students and teachers alike. It comes in three options: the 2x2, 2x4, and 4x4—the most popular being the 4x4. They come fully assembled with a water table, height control, ACCUMOVE motion control technology, and the CAD/CAM EDU software package. The computer and the power supply can be identified and added on in the construction of your order.

When you receive your Torchmate READY-PAK, it's ready to cut within minutes of its uncrating. Simply connect your power and your air supply, load the gantry onto the table, hook up and configure your computer, and you'll be ready to cut. The wiring of the motors, the construction of the water table, and the connection of your controller will already be done for you.

Partnering with Weiler Welding to supply your Torchmate table gives you and your students a unique advantage in providing the best education possible. Our sales team and technical support department are readily available to field all of your CNC related questions. Give us a call today to start the process of getting a Torchmate table in your classroom today! 800-526-9353

Torchmate 4'x4' Growth Series CNC System Plasma READY-PAK


  • 4'x4' table top CNC system with cable carriers
  • Water table for fume control and material support
  • ACCUMOVE 2 next generation height control (machine torch required)
  • Plug-N-Play USB electronics box - all cabling included
  • Full Torchmate CAD/CAM shape creation software includes nesting, scanning, tool pathing, kerf compensation and importing of 32 different file formats.
  • Visual Machine Designer software accepts all dxf files and straight g-code
  • Shut off switch
  • Computer shelf for laptop
  • Machine is completely assembled with base and slats
  • Machine is tested before shipping
  • Free unlimited phone and email tech support via a trained, dedicated and professional support staff

Educational Packages - CAD/CAM Education Software

Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing Education Software Packages

Understanding and becoming comfortable with CAD/CAM software can take the value of a vocational education to the next level. Graduates become savvy with the programming of a powerful manufacturing tool, and become more attractive to future employers. Students are able to program and design CAD files from home, giving them access to the software at their convenience. Teachers are given the freedom to assign homework and issue tests based on the design software, building the skills of their students with each chapter of the curriculum.

Each Torchmate EDU software package comes with one master license and an unlimited supply of student licenses. The only difference between the two licenses is in the exporting of files. The master license is the only license allowed to export readable CAD/CAM files. Student licenses are limited to exporting .edu files, which allows the teachers to moderate and approve student-designed artwork, giving them more control of how the table is used in the classroom.

There is no other CNC plasma-cutting table on the market today that offers such a powerful and affordable CAD/CAM software package. It has been designed specifically for the vocational classroom, empowering both the students and their teachers in furthering the knowledge of the next generation of metal fabricators and CNC machine operators.

New for 2016 - Our CNC Plasma Cutting Curriculum

CNC Plasma Arc Cutting Curriculum

The Torchmate curriculum is the first of its kind in the industry. It allows schools to teach CNC technology as an independent course, rather than an addition to a much broader subject. It is an involved course study with plenty of homework assignments, end-of-chapter quizzes, and suggested lesson plans. This curriculum takes out the guesswork that has previously been associated with teaching CNC technology in the classroom.

The Torchmate curriculum covers 11 comprehensive chapters created by a team of professional welding and fabricating educators. Topics include: CNC Related Software and Coordinate Systems, Introduction to Torchmate CAD, Tool Paths, and G-Code Programming. Students will be able to cycle through the curriculum from beginning to end, learning about the history of the technology, its applications, and finally how to program and operate the table.

The CNC Plasma Arc Cutting Curriculum puts Torchmate tables in a field of their own. There is no other company out there that can be your single-source provider for a machine and a course curriculum. Your students will take this technology seriously, knowing that their professional course book will have a direct impact in their future employment in the manufacturing and fabricating industries.

The current curriculum can be applied to all Torchmate tables that have been manufactured from 2001 to 2014. Newer Torchmate tables come standard with ACCUMOVE® motion control technology, and will be supplied with a curriculum in early 2016.