The Torchmate® product line of automated plasma cutting tables encompasses a broad scope of machines: from our entry-level CNC machines—the Torchmate Growth Series™, to our industrial plasma cutting table—the TMX Pro, and everything in between. The bolt-together CNC kits use durable extruded aluminum framing to fit larger metal sheet sizes, resulting in increased metal part production. The Torchmate X table brings the weight and durability of a 5,800+ pound fabricated mild steel water table to fabrication shops that are ready for a commitment to in-house manufacturing. International businesses can capitalize on the low cost shipping of our gantry-kits, giving them the power to customize the dimensional length of their CNC machine.

Businesses rooted in agriculture, industrial manufacturing, architecture, and a host of other industries can all benefit from the value and profitability of a Torchmate branded CNC cutting table. Call our sales department at 800-526-9353 to discuss what robotic plasma system is right for you. Visit our Moraine location at 2400 Sandridge Dr, Moraine OH to demo our 5x10 Torchmate CNC Plasma Machine!


How to Choose the Right CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for You

Entry Level CNC Cutting Tables for Craftsmen and Garage Fabricators

The Torchmate Growth Series™ can be a powerful tool for any garage fabricator that is getting serious about quality, and smart about automation. This series hits our lowest price point yet and has the ability to make a profitable return on your investment in a short amount of time. The easy-to-use software and simple user interface allow our customers to quickly program parts for immediate cutting. ACCUMOVE® motion control technology comes standard on all of our machines and stems from our highest end controllers. More features, more power, and faster response times take the ACCUMOVE motion controller to the next level of quality and productivity. The Torchmate Growth Series can be the one tool in your garage that makes your craft a profitable reality.

Bolt Together CNC Tables

Businesses that are looking to bring more of their production in house are looking into our bolt-together CNC kits. The industry standard size prevents additional shearing fees in material ordering, yet comes with a small commitment in both its weight and its price. The extruded aluminum frame is lightweight for reduced shipping costs, yet is durable enough to withstand the unforgiving loading and unloading procedures associated with metal plate cutting. ACCUMOVE 3 motion control ramps up the speed of our Torchmate Classic to over 1,000 ipm, saving more time in your traverse speeds for increased part production. The Torchmate 3 and Torchmate Classic bolt together kits increase capacity and throughput beyond smaller table sizes, and offer high-end components that reduce machine maintenance and increase the life expectancy of the table.

Fully Built and Gantry Kit CNC Machines

The Torchmate X series is offered both as a fully built unit and as a gantry kit, with gantry kit packages making the most sense for international shipments. It is our industrial CNC plate cutting machine that has the most available dimensions. Fully built units start in 5'x10' sizes and expand up to 10'x22'. These come fully configured to both the plasma cutter and the ACCUMOVE motion controller. Gantry kit units offer our customers a more customizable option, with gantry widths up to 12 feet wide and lengths up to 42 feet long. In its smallest size, the Torchmate X table weighs in at 5,500lbs, giving customers a solid machine that won't back down from a true industrial shop environment. The ACCUMOVE 3 controller fully utilizes the expanded cutting area of the Torchmate X by highlighting features like Initial Height Sense Optimization and Digital Plate Alignment. These features can save hours of time in production. This product line combines a powerful controller with a heavy-duty table construction to excel in any industrial shop environment.

Industrial Metal Plate Cutting Machines

Three inch thick mild steel cutting capacity and guaranteed bolt hole quality holes allow industrial fabricators the edge they need to take a new bid head on. The tables' low operating costs and robust stature heed to the nature of industrial fabrication, bringing durability and its industry-leading plasma technology to the forefront of its offerings. The build of the table is 100% developed and manufactured by Lincoln Electric, allowing our customers to make one phone call to get all of the answers they need to keep their table running at its best. This seamless integration of the entire machine makes buying the Lincoln Electric TMXPro an easy decision. Call one of our sales representatives today to discuss your business's unique applications and demands—we'll be happy to make you a custom quote. Call today at 800-526-9353

Fully Assembled CNC Education Packages

CNC plasma cutting technology can be a valuable asset to the classroom. Colleges, technical schools, and high school fab shops can all benefit from educating their students on today's most accessible CAD/CAM based CNC machine. Teachers are supplied with unlimited Torchmate® CAD/CAM licenses, allowing them to use the brand new Lincoln Electric® curriculum to assign homework and design-based classroom projects. The Torchmate 4x4 Ready-PAK® is a machine that ships fully configured to both the plasma cutter and the ACCUMOVE® motion controller. This allows teachers to quickly offload the machine and start teaching. The curriculum, unlimited licenses, and easy-to-use software make the Torchmate Ready-PAK 4x4 a valuable addition to any fabrication-based course.

Financing is available

Weiler Welding works together with Lincoln Electric's finance program to provide consultative financing solutions that keeps your business growing. Our customized programs make it simple and convenient to get market-leading production equipment. With our finance program, you can protect your cash, overcome limited budgets, and get the equipment you need when you need it!

» Special Low Rates – Available on our full product line
» Simple Documentation – Easy to read, one page agreements
» 100% Financing - Equipment, Delivery, Installation, Warranties, and Supplies
» Fast Responses – Credit decisions in hours, not days
» Customized Purchase and Payment Options
» Application Only up to $500K
» Larger Transactions with Financials
» Terms from 12-84 Months
» Credit For Any Size/Age Customer