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Weiler 51228 Tiger X Flap Disc 80 Grit, 4-1/2", 7/8" Threaded


Weight 0.20 lbs
SKU WB 51228
Our Price: $7.50


Available individually and in boxes of 10 (approximately 3 lbs shipped)

UNLEASH TIGER X: The NEW Tiger X flap disc raises the bar for those who are driven to get the job done right and done fast.

Tiger X delivers the ultimate productivity enhancing X-Factors so you can do more in less time while lowering your consumable costs.

• Increased Productivity — The combination of aggressive grinding and long disc life deliver the ultimate X factor, a disc that gets more done in less time.

• Lower Consumable Costs — The combination of extreme aggressive grinding and long disc life means you get more for your money.

• Enhanced Worker Safety — Increased aggression lets professionals use less force to get equal or better results. This means less stress and reduced fatigue.

• Greater Versatility — X3 technology allows for greater versatility, reducing the need to switch discs when changing applications.