By now your wort has been fermenting for 1-2 weeks and is now beer. Based on the instructions that came with your beer kit, it Is now time to bottle and condition the beer. The first thing we will do is wash and sanitize 48 bottles and caps, bottling barrel,  filling wand and syphon tube.  After removing the airlock and lid use your hydrometer to get your F.G. (final gravity) reading. The formula for determining your ABV is O.G. (original gravity) minus F.G. (final gravity) times 131.25. This figure is your alcohol by volume. Put 8 oz of priming sugar in the bottling barrel. Syphon the beer from the fermenter to the barrel being careful to not draw the dead yeast cells off of the bottom of the fermenter. Stir the mixture gently ( you don’t want to introduce oxygen into the beer) to mix the sugar and the beer. There are enough life yeast cells left in the beer that it will interact with the sugar and produce co2. Attach the filling wand to the outlet on the barrel and fill each bottle to an inch from the top. Cap the bottles and using the crimper crimp the caps.  After filling put the bottles aside for 1-2 weeks. This is the conditioning phase. The carbonation will form and the ageing will  mellow the beer a little.  After you get experience you may want to start trying to brew your own recipes or try different brewing methods. You may also want to keg instead of bottling. You will  need co2, regulator, refrigerator tap kit, hose, etc. This is where Weiler Welding can help your  future co2 and equipment needs. Please call or e-mail to if you have any questions.

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